Green eDesk

​Green eDesk is your online healthy living support software. After a 30 minute consultation with a Gym Instructor your Green eDesk profile will be loaded and ready to launch you into a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Your online Green eDesk profile gives you anytime access to your personalised exercise program plus:

  • Workout diary to track your exercise habits
  • Measurement reports to track progress towards your goal
  • Daily healthy living tips and tricks
  • Instant messaging to your Gym Instructor
  • Regular reviews and updates of your current workout program
  • And much more!


Green eDesk is also your Rewards Program. Greenpoints are earned each time you log a workout. The more points, the more rewards!

To start using Green eDesk, book in for a Health Start 1 appointment now on 8287 8800!

If your Green eDesk account has been activated you can log on here: