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    Small Group Training

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    Think Personal Training is unnaffordable? Think again!


    Small Group Training gives you the motivation and support of regular personal training, except at a quarter of the price. Now you get to experience personal training in a group of 4-8 people who will push and challenge you to reach your goals.

    Fun and motivation - from your expert trainer and the group

    Still has individual focus - no more than 8 people per group means your trainer can spend time with you every session

    Target specific areas - each session is themed toward acheiving certain goals meaning those around you are working toward similar targets

    Aquadome Small Group Training:

    •  Strength and Core - Wednesday 6:30am > Want to tone the body and tighten the tummy? This one is for you.
    •  High Intensity Interval Training - Saturday 8:45am > Fast, fat burning, fun is the name of the game here. 

    It's easy to get started, just book a session in on 8287 8800! Need more info? Email locky.haynes@ymca.org.au


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