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    We want you to come and try our older adult fitness classes for FREE!

    The Aquadome run several great older adult fitness programs through our PrYme Movers & Strength for Life programs. 

    As we age, regular exercise is incredibly important for staying fit, keeping healthy and maintaining independence. Despite the age-defying benefits of getting fit, many seniors report that they never exercise. Beyond protection against heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers, studies suggest that regular exercise improves mental, emotional and spiritual health also. 

    Strength, flexibility and balance training can greatly assist with variety of health issues, help to reduce weight and keep your mind active.

    Social connections are also a great benefit of attending group fitness classes. Participants socialise before and after class and offer each other encouragement in a fun and motivating environment.

    It’s been shown that people who repeatedly exercise with the same crowd are more likely to stick to it.  Start slowly, in a supported environment and incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

    So no more excuses. Come and try your first class for FREE!

    *Terms and conditions apply