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    24/7 Gym

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    The Aquadome 24/7 Gym is designed to cater for people of any fitness level and ability. The gym is air conditioned for your comfort and equipped with exercise equipment including:

    • Life Fitness electronic treadmills, stationary bikes, cross-trainers and steppers
    • Concept 2 rowers
    • Pin-loaded resistance machines
    • Separate free weights area
    • Stretching and Ab's area

    Health and Exercise Planning

    Health & Exercise Planning and Check-In's are included and unlimited for the entire length of your membership. During your Health Planning Consultation, you will meet with one of our qualified Gym Instructors to discuss your exercise history and health goals to determine the best program for you to achieve your fitness needs. You will then be given an Induction and demonstration through our fully equipped Health Club and given clear instruction on how to operate our equipment on your program.

    Check Ins: We understand that when you commit your time and energy into using the Health Club, you want to know that you’re getting results for your efforts. Check Ins will help you to see how you’re tracking with your health and fitness goals. It is recommended that you book in for Check Ins every 6-8 weeks, so that your program can be reviewed and updated to keep your workout interesting, varied and challenging. All Health and Exercise Planning Sessions and Check Ins are included and are unlimited for the entire length of your membership. Please see one of our Health Club Instructors or Customer Service.


    Play Club facilities are available exclusively to members at no extra charge.

    With all these all these benefits, can you think of a reason not to join?


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